Women’s rights: how far have we really come?

The twentieth century saw a dramtic change in perspective as to the position of women in society. But has that change been as dramatic as we first thought? Are they as universal they should be? I am saddened to say no.

Women continue to struggle to live their lives free from discrimination, bias and oppression. Why does this continue to occur? Why in Egypt  are women exposed to virginity testing so to demonstrate that the soldiers have not raped them? Why does female infanticide still occur?

Unfortunately it is because perspectives have not really changed as much as I had thought. The universality of rights that I take as given, is not the norm. People continue to be judged by their gender, rather than the substance of their character. Again I continue to ask why?

Unfortuntely I do not know the answer, but I do know the solution. The solution is you and me. The solution is us. Change is only possible when we unite to struggle against injustice.

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