Getting to the heart of human rights

Amnesty International: International Council Meeting

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Activists from around the world are coming together in August 2011 to debate the most pressing human rights issues of our time.

Every two years Amnesty International members and supporters gather to decide on the future direction of the movement. This year we are meeting in the Netherlands and for the first time you can go online to follow events as they unfold and join in the conversation.

  • Activists from across the movement will blog here throughout the week. Come back regularly to to read on their personal reflections on key human rights issues.
  • Join the debate on Twitter via #amnestyICM
  • You can watch daily video updates here

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Sunday 14 August: Great advances have been made, but women and girls are still fighting for the most basic right of control over their own bodies and their own lives. How are activists around the world fighting to make women’s rights a reality?

Monday 15 August: After decades of oppression, people across the Middle East and North Africa are rising up in their millions to say “enough”. Now momentous change is possible, how can we ensure a lasting victory for human rights?

Tuesday 16 August: As the world changes and new economic powers like Brazil and India emerge, what does this mean for human rights? And how can we support local activists to claim their rights?

Wednesday 17 August: From Nigeria to Cambodia, from Romania to Papua New Guinea, people are being forced out of their homes and off their land. Activists have been campaigning to stop these evictions. By working together, what more can we achieve?

Thursday 18 August: Recent events in the Middle-East and North Africa have demonstrated that digital technology can be a powerful tool for sharing information, organizing and exercising freedom of speech. How can Amnesty International work to support, strengthen and protect rights-holders directly through innovative digital tools?

Friday 19 August: Reflections on the event from activists and Amnesty International’s Secretary general, Salil Shetty.

3 Responses to Getting to the heart of human rights

  1. Martin Šikula says:

    Could someone link me with papers connecting human rights to “the most basic right of control over one’s own body?” Thank you.

  2. Martin Šikula says:

    That’s cool… but says nothing about the issue at hand.
    I believe the author was referring rather to reproductive rights.

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